Ira Bea, the Beauty Queen

Ira Bea, the Beauty Queen
Ira Bea, 2 days old

Monday, June 25, 2012

Days 30-40 June 14-24th

So many changes to report! 

We came in to find Ira Bea had a broken toe, as did Sweet Pea. We attempted to splint Ira Bea's toe(a little squeamishly at first on my part since I am always afraid to hurt them). She had taken off her taped on splint within a minute or so. The toe appears to have set itself, and we attempted a few times to see if she was in any pain but it doesn't seem that way. Sweet Pea doesn't appear to be in any pain either. 

We have been spending all of our spare time trying to complete the chicken coop. Our coop is 4 feet wide and 4 feet high and 4 feet long. The coop is an additional 2 feet high at the base. The total measurements for the run are 4 feet wide by 6 feet long by 10 feet long. It has  been a way bigger expense than we had anticipated. That being said, it looks really good and will be a really solid place for the chickens to live. The coop is completely constructed with the run going up quickly. We have the 6 posts for the run and the top and bottom supports done as well as lattice inserts for between the legs of the coop.  The run door will be framed and  the hardware cloth will be going up tomorrow! The chickens should be installed in their new home by mid-week. 
Coop front before paint and side with the egg door opening

The floor is removable for easy cleaning 
June 15th:

The chickens got their first taste of the outdoors! We put them in a wire kennel that we normally use for our dogs and let them get acclimated to the heat. Our dogs ran around the cage and watched "Chick TV" as I like to call it. After watching them for a little bit, the dogs just ran off to play in the yard. Success! 

June 24th:

The chickens are now getting even more variation in their coloring. Irene has gotten white feathers around her eyes and up the neck. Sweet Pea is becoming more golden, Coq au Vanessa is getting redder, and Eula Mae is becoming a bit buff in color. The girls are so pretty! 

Coq Au Vanessa, Lucy and Ira Bea

Sweet Pea, Ira Bea, Eula Mae, Scallop


Sweet Pea, Scallop

Eula Mae in the center, looking like a big girl

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